2nd Grade International Festival Brings Everyone Together

Last Thursday, the entire 2nd grade gathered in the Prep School south gym to give a spectacular performance as part of the 2nd Grade International Festival, which gives the students an opportunity to celebrate the arts, culture and food of countries around the world with their classmates and family. Wearing traditional costumes, students joined in a choir and sang songs celebrating multiculturalism, accompanied by students playing Orff instruments, to a cheering crowd of parents and faculty. 

This year, the students sang six songs, with two of the songs including adult accompaniment. They included a song with greetings in nine languages from around the world; a folk song from Liberia called “Take Time in Life”; a song from Asia called “Chinese Fishing Song” where the students waved colorful ribbons representing rippling water; “Mango Walk,” a folk song from the Caribbean; “Buenos Dias,” a traditional French song translated into Spanish; and, finally, a song written by CGPS’s very own music teacher Tobias Gebb called “We Are All Immigrants."

After all of the singing and music, the students joined their families in an international feast sharing cuisines from around the world. 

To see more photos, visit Photos of the Week.