5th Grade Goes to Philadelphia

5th graders recently had the pleasure of taking their American history studies beyond the classroom on a trip to Philadelphia, which served as the Nation’s capital from 1790 to 1800 and is what Middle School Core teacher Stefanie Trepper described as “a hub for locations involving the construction of our government.” “We study the story of America’s development beginning with the first English settlements through the construction of the three branches of government. The trip to Philadelphia accesses excellent examples of our range of units of study,” explained Ms. Trepper. The students were kept busy over the course of the trip, making connections to their in-class history lessons as they visited the Constitution Center, Museum of the American Revolution, Independence Hall, Liberty Bell, Benjamin Franklin’s house and print shop and Constitution Hall. “We saw many exhibits in relation to their historical context and students developed their sense of what life was like in Philadelphia in the 1780s, who lived there and how the Revolutionary War affected the colonists,” said Ms. Trepper.