5th Graders Channel the Influence of Faith Ringgold in Mixed Media Artwork

This week, Middle School art teacher Veronika Bromberg’s 5th grade art classes presented their mixed media art projects in the Middle School library. The projects were inspired by Faith Ringgold, an African American artist “well known for her storytelling as seen in her colorful and descriptive quilts and paintings,” Ms. Bromberg described. “I chose to highlight her in February, which is Black History Month.” Ms. Bromberg not only challenged the students to create a quilted and painted mixed media art form, but she also asked students to choose a passage from a book that was meaningful to them and find a way to incorporate it into their project.


The final projects were paintings bordered with a variety of fabric cut into squares and rectangles, similar to the patchwork of a quilt.


Students used watercolors, pens, watercolor pencils and colored pencils to craft their projects, in addition to the fabric used in the borders. Ultimately, the students created a “narrative quilt” that reflected their ability to fuse multiple art forms and concepts into one cohesive piece of work.