7th Grade Basketball Unit Gives Students Responsibility on the Court

It’s basketball time in PE for the 7th grade. This year, Middle School physical education teacher Katelyn Savage is using a new approach to teaching the unit, called the “Sport Education Model.” “What differentiates this model of teaching is that every student has a job throughout the unit, which gives them a sense of responsibility and the feeling of being included and important to the team,” Ms. Savage said. “I told them this responsibility is a privilege and as the oldest Middle School students, I expected them to take their roles seriously.”

Ms. Savage gave in-depth explanations of each role in the basketball unit, and allowed students to pick their job. Here are the positions:

Head Coach: Responsible for drafting the teams and leading practice sessions with their team. The Head Coaches need to formulate two 10-minute practice sessions.

Assistant Coach: Help the Head Coach design practices. These coaches are also responsible for collecting and putting away all equipment that is needed during practice.

Referee: Officiate the game with fairness and consistency. They are responsible for calling out of bounds, traveling and double dribbles.

Scorekeeper: Using a flip scoreboard, scorekeepers pay attention and keep an accurate score. They report the scores to the stat keeper.

Statistics "Stat" Keeper: Keep track (using tally marks) of rebounds, foul shots made, three-point shots made, and baskets made. They also circle “W” or “L” on each team's sheet after each game.

Head coaches then draft teams, taking one student from each role assigned to each team to add a diversity of talents and skills. 

On the second day of the unit, the head/assistant coaches came prepared with practice plans. All teams had about eight minutes of practice at a basket, and four minutes of practice on the side of the court. “The head coaches did a fantastic job leading and motivating their teams and the students were focused during each drill,” Ms. Savage said.

Students then had a scrimmage where they rotated practicing each different role before the official games begin. With scrimmage over, the official season has started. Who will come out on top?