8th Grade humanKINDness Project Creates Inspiration for Social Good

Recently, 8th grade English teachers Jennifer Bogart and Brian Pennington returned to a project they developed last year: the HumanKINDness Project. 

After reading Lord of the Flies, Ms. Bogart and Mr. Pennington posed a series of questions to their students: “What shapes our humanity?” “What is the nature of human kindness?” and, “At their core, what are people like?” In response, students engaged in meaningful discussion about the important central value of social justice to both personal and community well-being. 

Ms. Bogart and Mr. Pennington challenged their students to do three acts of kindness. The requirements? Their acts must be planned, thoughtful and without expectation of getting anything in return. Each student then created a scrapbook detailing their acts. 

In a very meaningful act of kindness, one student donated socks to the very hospital and ward that delivered her as a premature infant. 

Students wrote reflections on their acts of kindness. A few are included here:

“This project was one of my favorite projects I have ever done in school. It was a project that made me want to make a difference and do better. It made me so happy that my whole grade is doing this. All 88 of us showed some sort of kindness. Now when I walk around this city, my mind shifts to what I could do to make it better or change it.” — Chase 

“By completing these three acts of kindness, I saw the person I want to be and keep becoming. I made people I love feel loved and important.” — Molly 

“In this project, I learned that anyone can be kind and do kindness actions, and that it isn’t hard to make a difference. Next time, it won’t take a project for me to do these kinds of acts.” — Matthew