Benjamin T. ’19 Receives Prestigious Wesleyan University Hamilton Honorable Mention for Creativity

CGPS senior and incoming member of the Wesleyan Class of 2023 Benjamin T. was recently named an honorable mention recipient of the Wesleyan University Hamilton Prize for Creativity, one of only three winners (one prize winner and two honorable mentions) out of a pool of 400 students. He received $5,000 to fund his future creative endeavors. Wesleyan University introduced the Hamilton Prize for Creativity two years ago in honor of the alumni responsible for the award-winning musical Hamilton: original star and creator Lin-Manuel Miranda ’02, Hon ’15 and director Thomas Kail ’99. Miranda and Kail also served on the judging panel. Wesleyan notes the prize as recognizing first-year students “whose work of fiction, poetry, creative nonfiction, or other creative written expression (lyrics, plays, scripts, etc.) best reflects the originality, artistry and dynamism embodied in Hamilton.” Benjamin earned recognition for a set of five poems he submitted. In a Wesleyan press release, actor and alum Bradley Whitford described Benjamin’s poem Arpeggios as “lush, illuminating, complex and clear.” Whitford went on to exclaim, “I cannot believe a student wrote this. It is the work of an accomplished poet.” Congratulations to Benjamin on his magnificent accomplishment!