CGPS Middle School FIRST Lego League Team Wins Second Prize

By Grammar School art teacher Kim Witkowich and Grammar School science teacher Claire Rose

On Saturday, February 23, the CGPS Lions brought home the second place trophy for research, innovative solution and presentation at the FIRST Lego League competition. FIRST Lego League is an international organization which focuses on solving real-world problems such as food safety, recycling, energy and more using STEM concepts. The theme for this year's competition was “Into Orbit.” 

In addition to programing an EV3 robot to complete missions, each team was responsible for identifying a problem within the theme of the challenge and creating a solution. As a team, the students decided to research the nutritional challenges that astronauts may face during long-term space travel. They asked the question, “How do we provide astronauts with enough healthy meals to last their entire journey?" The CGPS team contacted retired NASA nutritionist Barbara Rice to better understand how traveling in space affects the human body and how nutrients are vital to keeping travelers healthy. From there, the students created an ideal plan to combat the nutritional challenges our astronauts may face.

As their solution, the students "invented" a way to transform a meal from a small dehydrated, compact tablet into a full nutritious plate of food by simply adding a few drops of water. The idea is that these "tablets" will allow astronauts to travel further into space without the bulk of packaged food or the worry that their rations will spoil. In addition to conducting the interview and creating a stellar poster, the team wrote a comical script to help explain their invention. 

Bravo CGPS Lions!