Genetics Elective Meets Guest Speaker in Genetic Counseling Field

By Patrice Buckley, Prep School science teacher

Recently, genetic counselor Anna Kolbuszewska came to speak to the Prep School Genetics elective students. The class had been learning about genetic disorders and testing, so it was fitting that they hear from someone in the field. Ms. Kolbuszewska is in her final year of a Masters program at Sarah Lawrence College, on her way to becoming certified as a genetic counselor. As Ms. Kolbuszewska explained in her presentation, her career merges innovative science with psycho-social counseling. Genetic counseling is a process to evaluate and understand a family’s risk of a genetic medical condition. Ms. Kolbuszewska discussed the various settings that genetic counselors work in, including prenatal, pediatric and cancer clinics as well as in industry. She also described various types of genetic testing and how genetic counselors work with doctors and patients to best help patients when confronted with difficult decisions and technical information. The students learned a great deal from the presentation!