Grammar School Swim Team Wins First Meet Against JCC Thunderbirds

Last week, students from grades 1-3 competed in their very first swim meet of the year, facing off against the JCC Thunderbirds with 25 CGPS athletes on the blocks. “Many of the 2nd and 3rd graders had personal best times, but many 2nd graders and all the 1st graders were racing and being officially timed for the first time. They all swam their hearts out!” Martha Margetis, Prep School teacher and parent volunteer coach, said.

The meet included 2 relays: the medley relay, which consists of swimming 40 yards each of back, breast, butterfly and freestyle strokes, and a freestyle relay where each swimmer swims 40 yards in freestyle. All of the kids also swam individual events for each of the four strokes, so every athlete swims in at least four events and up to six, if they compete in a relay.

By the time all the goggles were hung up to dry, CGPS was victorious, defeating the JCC Thunderbirds 105 to 82!