Learn More: How the BioBus Drives Science Education

By Sarah J. Weisberg, Chief Scientist & Executive Vice President of BioBus


“BioBus! What’s a BioBus?”, or “The BioBus is back!” are just some comments you might have overheard while walking by CGPS this week. You may have noticed an extra-long and super-shiny Airstream trailer parked out front on 93rd Street, decorated with patterns found in microscopic life, and wondered, “What is that?”


It is exactly this kind of curiosity that the BioBus sparks in students. For the sixth year in a row, BioBus brought a research-grade mobile science lab to CGPS’s doorsteps – a trailer outfitted just like a lab with 6 research microscopes onboard. 2nd through 4th graders had the opportunity to work alongside professional scientists, using state-of-the-art tools. This year, CGPS students even used a scanning electron microscope (SEM) to zoom in 25,000 times and take a picture of a single bacterial cell.


Although the BioBus has driven away until next year, have no fear! BioBus, Inc. is a non-profit based here in New York City. In addition to operating two mobile labs, BioBus offers a suite of ongoing science experiences for all ages - from weekend Saturday Science programs to year-long research internships for high schoolers. Many of these programs are offered at BioBase Harlem, an uptown community lab on the ground floor of Columbia University’s Zuckerman Institute for Mind, Brain and Behavior.


Here are just some of the upcoming BioBus programs:

  • Science Summer Camp - July-August at BioBase Harlem (register now!)

  • BioBus @ World Science Festival - 6/2 in Washington Square Park

  • Science Happy Hour with Professor Michael Purugganan - 6/20 at BioBase Harlem

  • Saturday Science - Fall 2019 at BioBase Harlem


While there are fees for some BioBus programs, BioBus works hard to fundraise and ensure that financial aid is available for those who need it. BioBus believes in a world where all people are able to fulfill their potential as scientists, independent of their race, gender, or socioeconomic background.


Full details on all BioBus programs can be found here: http://www.biobus.org/events/, and follow @biobus for updates from the road. Big thanks to Stephanie Avena, who has kept the BioBus-CGPS partnership running strong for so many years!