A Look at Life for Immigrants to New York City in the 20th Century

By Anne Young, second grade classroom teacher

Our field trip to the Tenement Museum follows our study of immigrants in the early 20th century. Once they arrived in America, where did the immigrants who remained in New York City live? What was life like for them in these tenements that were shared by many family members?  The museum highlights different parts of the immigrant's journey to becoming an American.

Students then created toys out of recyclable objects. The project encouraged the students to consider that many immigrants from the 20th century had toys were made from items around the house. Among the toys created were dolls, balls and a small purse.

The trip is part of a larger study on the history of New York City, with a specific look at what life was like about 100 years ago in the Big Apple. Students are learning about the types of transportation, new foods, school life, clothing, sports,games and jobs that were common a century ago in NYC.