On March 14, Middle School Math Department Celebrates All Things Pi

By Jessica Merrick, Middle School math coordinator


On March 14th, CGPS middle schoolers learned how to solve problems in the classroom and throughout the world around them. The math teachers organized a Pi Day celebration to engage students in a fun, timely, and relatable way. In teams, students explored how pi is related to working with anything circular and investigated how to use pi to determine their hat size. We discovered that no matter what the size of the circle measured, the ratio of a circle's circumference to its diameter is equal to the irrational number pi. In our everyday lives, pi has enabled us to learn about Earth and how inventors from centuries ago through today were able to understand how these relationships work to create the circular and spherical things we use daily. The highlights of the celebration included a pi-fish card game, pi-ku poetry writing, pi-recitation, and perhaps the most excitement took place during the chocolate chip cookie pie-eating contest.