Middle School Launches First Literary Magazine, Giving A Platform For Student Voices

The Middle School’s new online literary magazine, 3430, had its roots in the new creative writing module. A universal truth for writers is the struggle to to finish a piece of work. Middle School English teacher Jamie Rubenstein motivated the students to finish their writing by giving them an online platform on which to publish their stories and poems. “Now they can have an audience. The Middle School needed a place where students who love writing could connect with each other, showcase their work and be celebrated,” Ms. Rubenstein explained. “Writing can be such a solitary activity that people do alone — but it doesn’t have to be. Writing is a special talent and interest for a student to have. We developed the magazine to nurture and encourage that talent when a student shows a spark,” Ms. Rubenstein added.

3430 currently publishes a wide range of literary pieces, including poetry, short stories and essays. There is also a discussion underway about the possibility of incorporating photography and student artwork into the magazine. The website will be updated once each quarter.

The magazine is accepting submissions for their next publication. Submissions are due January 11 to Ms. Rubenstein at jrubenstein@cgps.org.


You can check out 3430 online here.