Middle School Musical Mary Poppins Premieres

Last week, the Middle School performed Mary Poppins for the CGPS community. Their performance came across perfectly, exemplifying the hard work and skill the cast and crew have put into rehearsals in the weeks leading up to the premiere. 

“Everyone knew their lines and were confident, and we had smooth scene changes. It’s hard to perform in front of your peers, but that didn’t stop them from doing their very best,” Katie Hamel, Prep School math teacher and director of the musical, said.

What was even more impressive than their talent on stage and behind the scenes was the actors’ versatility. With over 20 roles in the play, the nine actors each managed several quick costume and accent changes. Even the student playing Mary Poppins appeared as another character! “The actors did a great job choosing different accents, postures and mannerisms in order to distinguish the different characters they were playing,” Ms. Hamel explained. One actor played seven different roles, and two students, who played the characters Mia and Will, were on the stage for almost the entire show. “That means being focused in character for almost an hour and a half straight,” Ms. Hamel said with pride. 

It wasn’t just Ms. Hamel who was proud — the audience recognized and praised their performance as well. Some teachers said they appreciated seeing the students so confident in a role outside of their comfort zone. Student audience members said it was fun to watch their peers play multiple roles, while others recognized the catchy music directed and played by Prep School music teacher and musical director for the musical John Fischer. “Someone else even mentioned how brave everyone must be to do that all in front of so many people,” Ms. Hamel recalled.

All of the sets, backdrops and lights were created by students. Non-actors served as crew members and designers, hard at work backstage. In addition to the Middle School participants, many Prep Schoolers played vital roles in the show’s development. Simone S. ‘20 was the assistant director, while other Prep students volunteered for hours backstage. “It was an entire community production,” Ms. Hamel said.

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