Pre-K Diamonds Begins the New Year with Engaging Educational Programming

Recently, Pre-K Diamonds teachers Rosemary Reyes, Krista Pellegrino and Michele Ozarow have been planning engaging activities for their class that will act as building blocks for their development as they prepare for their entry into kindergarten next year. 

The Pre-K Diamonds students are literally starting with their ABC’s as part of their early learning literacy curriculum. Units throughout the year focus on different letters. January found the class celebrating the letter S, with a little help from Safety, Security and Transportation Coordinator Geoffrey Hinds. He hosted a special Pre-K Diamonds-only “S”lumber Party in the Diamonds classroom, helped make popcorn for the pajama-clad class and read to the students. “Mr. Hinds is regularly a special guest in our classroom,” Ms. Reyes explained.


Of special programming note is the Reading Buddy program: the pre-kindergartners meet with older Grammar School students in the Grammar School Library to be read age-appropriate stories. This not only helps encourage a love of reading, but also creates an opportunity for the older students to mentor and bond with the youngest CGPS community members. 

At the beginning of the year, some Pre-K students can feel shy about entering such a large and vibrant school. With guidance and support, however, students are integrated into a warm community of friends and teachers. The smallest students also keep their teachers on their toes. “They challenge our way of thinking on a day-to-day basis by always asking, ‘Why?’ They surprise us constantly with the simple ways they think about life and their curiosity about how things should be,” Ms. Reyes said.

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