Prep School Artists Wow in Exhibition

 If you found yourself in the Prep School recently, you may have had the pleasure of seeing the Student Art Exhibition, a celebration of our student artists’ talents and the culmination of their work this year. The lobby and atrium were adorned with the work of students in grades 8 through 11. Meanwhile, the third floor was dedicated to the Senior Art Show, which provided a comprehensive look at our seniors’ artwork. To learn more about the Student Art Exhibition, The Weekly spoke with Lynn Schulte, head of the art department, about what disciplines and mediums were showcased, how the students honed their craft this year, advice for the departing senior artists and more:

How does the art exhibition act as a culmination of the student artists’ work this year?

The numerous pieces on display reflect a year’s worth of artwork from both the fall and spring semester classes from beginner students to our most advanced seniors. In some cases, a student in an advanced class has spent the year perfecting a small body of work. Overall, the work exemplifies each student’s strong development, progress and dedication in a particular medium. In addition, a number of students had pieces on display in more than one discipline, showing a breadth of talent and interest. We see the show as a celebration of each student’s talent and dedication to developing their creative selves. 

What mediums, subjects and disciplines were on display?

There was a huge range of mediums and disciplines on display including painting, drawing, collage, printmaking, mosaics, digital art and graphic design, jewelry and metalsmithing, ceramic sculpture and pottery, digital and black & white photography and stop-motion animation. You could also see a range of subjects, including still life, cityscape and landscape, street scenes, portraiture, interior perspective and abstract design, to name a few.

How have you and your department seen the students evolve as artists over the year, ultimately leading up to this exhibit? 

The students have learned numerous skills and techniques, worked very hard and grew so much as artists over the course of each semester. Sometimes we find that the students surprise themselves with all they can do when they put in the time, effort and patience. They also learn so much from each other – it is a very supportive environment.

How long have students been working on their art projects? What was the process like?

There is a range of time depending on the medium and scale of the project. However, each project, no matter how big or small, took planning and the ability to make mistakes, solve problems and revise their work. It also took a fearless commitment and the ability to follow through, even if the final result might not be exactly what they might have expected – taking creative risks is very important.

Do you have any words for your students following the exhibit?

We in the art department want to congratulate our students on all their gorgeous work; their high level of dedication and commitment to developing their technical and aesthetic skills and ideas, and their ability to create thoughtfully planned and carefully executed images and objects. They should know that their fine work received numerous compliments from their peers and the faculty and staff.

Do you have any advice for departing senior artists who will continue working on their craft?

Keep working, keep taking risks and keep challenging yourselves. Try something new as well – always be open to new ways of expressing your ideas. Look at as much art as you can, as often as you can. If you don’t have the time to make art at some point, keep a journal and write down your ideas. Finally, please keep in touch; we love to hear from you!