Prep School Mathematics Students Visit Columbia University for the 2019 NACLO

By Prep School math department chair Nathan Dummitt


On January 24, 11 Prep School students traveled to Columbia University to participate in the 2019 North American Computational Linguistics Olympiad. NACLO is a contest in which high school students solve linguistic problems like the one below.


Every year professionals in computational linguistics and computer science use real data from the more than 6,000 existent human languages to design challenging and engaging problems of this type for the NACLO, which is a three-hour written exam. These problems allow students to learn about the diversity and consistency of language while exercising logical thinking and pattern recognition. Students who score well on the exam have the chance to be invited to the 2019 International Linguistics Olympiad held in Yongin, South Korea this summer. More information about NACLO (including practice problems from previous contests) can be found at