Prep School Model Congress Goes to Harvard

By Middle School history teacher William Buckley and Prep School science teacher Ilya Yashin with a reflection by Allison L. ‘20

Last weekend, we had the privilege to take 11 CGPS students to the Harvard Model Congress Conference. We are most pleased to report that our delegation performed admirably throughout our time at the conference. The students went to their committees well prepared and eager to make a positive and constructive contribution. They were kind and supportive of one another.

At the conclusion of the conference, several of our students earned the following awards. Allison L. '20 received the gavel, the highest award given to a delegate, for her exceptional committee work. Anna K. ’19 and Jeremy K. ’20 received Honorable Mentions for their solid committee contributions. Daniel B. ’21, Alden W. ’21, Philip A. ’20, Harry N. ’21, Valen M. ’21, Allison L. ’20, and Anna K. ’19 all had their legislation pass their respective committees. Jason M. ’21 was on a special committee that won their debate on immigration reform. 

This year there were 1,400 students representing 82 schools at the Harvard Model Congress. Our very own Anna K. ’19 was selected to give the closing delegate speech to the entire conference. Simply put, her words were inspiring.

To see a video of Anna K.’s speech and to read Allison L.’s reflection on the weekend away, see below.