Prep School Unites for Moving Up Day

By David Morss, 12th grade Dean

Moving Up Day is one of the most important culminating events of the school year. The whole Prep School is involved, students and teachers, and it embodies the spirit of the School in a very tangible way. The whole Prep School was assembled in the gym, awaiting the entrance of the senior class, whose entrance kicked the occasion off to a lively start.  

As part of the introduction to the event, Ms. Dean called on two seniors, Spencer Galishoff and Talia Roth, to speak spontaneously about what they had valued about the School. Both students won everyone’s admiration for the way they spoke — Spencer about how the School had supported his developing intellectual and political interests, Talia about how we had provided her with a highly supportive environment as she found her unique voice and style.  

Awards were presented by each of the departments, culminating in awards for seniors in each subject area. Special awards were given for such qualities as commitment, character and authenticity, creativity, intellectual development, dedication to equity and social justice and service to the School community.  

The student government presidents were recognized for their leadership and academic excellence. Notable too were two other awards: the Alex Bhak Memorial Award for Nobility of Character to Xzandre Smith and Board of Trustees Award for his contribution to the life of the School to David Morss. The top-ranking scholars were each called up to be recognized for their commitment to excellence — as usual, these students spoke at Graduation.  

The next highlight of the morning was the “unveiling” and dedication of the yearbook, with its ingenious “Hall of Fame” theme. Nurse Fran Bowers, who will always have a special place in the heart of the Class of 2019, was the gracious recipient of the dedication.

The event was punctuated by some stirring music and dance performances, courtesy of Columbia Blue and The Step Club.  

Following the ceremony, yearbooks were distributed to each class, and the seniors joined the faculty on the terrace for the traditional senior faculty lunch.