Prep School Winter Concert is Tuesday, December 18, 2018 at 6:30 p.m.

Tuesday, December 18th is the annual Prep School Winter Concert, featuring musicians and singers from across the Prep School, representing all grades. Ahead of the event, we asked Head of Prep School music department Sarah Stewart for some details about how the concert came together.

CGPS Weekly: Who is performing in the Prep School Winter Concert? How many students and from which grades? 

Ms. Stewart: We have about a third of the Prep School population participating, with representatives from grades 8-12. That’s over 200 kids! All of the ensembles are volunteer-based and we have 14 different ensembles ranging from jazz to classical, vocal to instrumental. 

CGPS Weekly: What is the line up of performances? How did you choose the line-up? 

Ms. Stewart: We try to create a smooth program, mixing vocal with instrumental in large and small groups. There is so much talent at CGPS that it will be a wonderful chance to hear how hard the students have been working.

CGPS Weekly: Are specific choral groups featured in the concert? What will they be singing? 

Ms. Stewart: We have both a capella and accompanied vocal groups. This year, the girls are honoring the passing of Aretha Franklin by singing Natural Woman. We also have a boys a capella group. Concert Chorale is a mixed choir that will be accompanied by Prep School music teacher John Fischer for one number and sing a capella for the other two.

CGPS Weekly: Which bands are participating in the concert?

Ms. Stewart: We are super excited to have our Jazz Band and Jazz Improv band involved. New this year is the 8th grade Combo Band. It is a small group of students who meet a 7:30 a.m. to rehearse. The dedication is serious. We also have a Wind Ensemble, Full Orchestra and Chamber Ensemble.

CGPS Weekly: What is your favorite part of the Winter concert?

Ms. Stewart: The diversity of talent amongst our student body and watching the students excel at their passion and share it with others. I love the performances themselves and the energy beforehand - the whole thing!

CGPS Weekly: Who are all of the teachers — and their roles —  who helped make the Winter Concert possible? 

Ms. Stewart: We have six full-time Music Educators and one who works part time. Prep School music teachers Stephen Davis, John Fischer, Kai Gross, Kary Haddad, Dave Soson and me are the full-time faculty involved. Keith Buterbaugh also works with our brass players and Jazz Band.