Senior Jack Y. ‘19 Named Top 300 Scholar In Prestigious Regeneron Competition for Science and Math for High School Seniors

Just this month, Columbia Grammar & Preparatory School’s Jack Y. ‘19 was named one of the top 300 scholars for the Society for Science & the Public’s 78th Regeneron Science Talent Search, “the nation’s oldest and most prestigious science and mathematics competition for high school seniors.” The Regeneron competition was formerly known as the Westinghouse and then the Intel Science Talent Search. 

Jack used U.S. Space Administration (NASA) public data, Python programming language and artificial intelligence technology to create a neural network to search for planets. Within NASA’s database, Jack found an ultra-short life period planet and presented his findings to the competition. Jack has said that he hopes to start his own rocket company one day (like famous entrepreneur Elon Musk’s) to discover a suitably habitable planet for humans.

Head of School Dr. Bill Donohue says Jack’s accomplishment is something our entire community is extremely proud of. “CGPS is proud of Jack's achievement in the Regeneron Science Talent Search, because part of our mission is to give students the space and opportunity to develop their unique passions and talents. Jack told me his passion for astronomy dated back to his childhood, and he was able to find at our Prep School the support and resources necessary to take his passion to the highest level possible for a high school student. Jack's Physics teacher, Ilya Yashin, was critical to his success, second only to Jack's remarkable ability to work on a single independent study topic for a period of several years,” Dr. Donohue said.

Congratulations, Jack!