Six Latin Students Earn Top Marks on National Exam

In November, 16 Latin students in grades 10, 11, and 12 participated in the National Classical Etymology Exam, a rigorous exam that has been administered to all CGPS students in Latin III and above each year for the past seven years.


The exam, which is sponsored by the American Classical League, consists of 50 extremely challenging multiple-choice questions that test students' knowledge of English words derived from Greek and Latin roots. “The students prepared both individually and during targeted review sessions with their teachers, using both the CGPS curriculum and the American Classical League curriculum guides,” Middle and Prep School Latin teacher and 8th grade dean Scott Wilson explained.


What is particularly unique about the students’ participation in the exam is that it tests not only the Latin alphabet, roots, prefixes and suffixes -- which they study through their CGPS Latin curriculum -- but also Greek etymology. Students and teachers review Greek etymology in their Latin courses in preparation for the exam in a unique addition to CGPS’s Latin curriculum.

This year, six Columbia Prep students in Latin III, Latin IV, Latin V, and AP Latin earned awards for their excellent scores:

Silver Medal Winner: Jordan B. ’22 and Jonah M. ’21

Bronze Medal Winners: Kyra C. ’19, Lucas G. ’21, Gordon H. ’19 and Ava S. ’19

Congratulations to these outstanding Latin scholars!