Student Delegates Attend the Yale Model Congress Conference

Recently, 14 CGPS Prep School students participated in the 25th Annual Yale Model Congress Conference in New Haven, Connecticut. Accompanied by Model Congress co-supervisor and Middle School history teacher William Buckley and Model Congress co-supervisor and Prep School science teacher Ilya Yashin, the attending students represented CGPS with passion and poise. 

The conference, which was attended by 41 schools and which had 750 student participants, lasted for 4 days of rigorous debate. “From start to finish, it was abundantly clear that our delegation was well prepared, enthusiastic, professional and maintained an unwavering cooperative spirit,” Mr. Buckley said. “One critical measure of our success can be found in the fact that a remarkable 92% of our submitted bills were passed out of committee!”

This isn’t the first year Model Congress has attended the conference in New Haven. In fact, CGPS students have been attending for the 25 years the conference has been in existence. Each year, the organizers of the conference introduce a mock emergency crisis that the Model Congress members must work together to resolve. This year, the crisis was the impeachment of the President of the Yale Model Congress for violating campaign laws. During the trial for her impeachment, CGPS’s very own Jason M. ‘21 was awarded an honorable mention for his work on the mock Supreme Court, and was selected to personally defend the president during the trial in the Senate.

“Without question, during the conference students immerse themselves in the legislative process. In doing so, they sharpen their public speaking, writing, listening and, most importantly, compromising skills,” Mr. Buckley explained.

Congratulations to all participants on their stellar performance! To see more photos, visit Photos of the Week.