This Wednesday: STEAM Boat Project Launch Livestreamed on Facebook!

This Wednesday, December 12 at 3:15 p.m., one of the most highly anticipated Middle School events of the fall semester is happening: the annual 7th grade Boat Project Launch. The Boat Project, now in its third year, is an interdisciplinary project developed by Middle School STEAM coordinator Jon Olivera as a way to help students flex their critical thinking muscles. 

The Boat Project challenges students to design a life-sized boat that will allow one CGPS teacher to row it two times across the width of the CGPS Grammar School Pool without sinking. The project integrates lessons about design, engineering, the arts and more. 

In the building process, students worked with a limited list of materials, including cardboard and duct tape, and on a budget.  Each group also chooses a recyclable material (which they must collect) to serve as buoys for their boats. There are 21 groups, each with their own boat, and partnered with a teacher who will row the boat in the pool. 

“Students get very excited to see if something they have designed, prototyped and built will actually function under real-life stresses and conditions,” Mr. Olivera explains. “Watching their reactions, hearing their reflections and seeing them grow as students throughout the process are all proud, important moments for me as an educator.” 

We hope you will tune-in to our Facebook Livestream, starting between 3:00-3:15 p.m. on the CGPS Facebook page

We will be asking students questions about the project, and watching the boat launches by section. To find out which teachers will be facing off for which section, see the list below.


Section 7-1 

Maddie Franklin, Middle School music teacher

Ardith Collins, Middle School music teacher

Elizabeth Downes, Middle School and Prep School French teacher

Veronika Bromberg, Middle School art teacher


Section 7-2

Mark Peters, Middle School history teacher

Sara Moldofsky, Middle School science teacher

Venus Cooke, Middle School physical education teacher


Section 7-3

Bill Buckley, Middle School history teacher

Jon Olivera, Middle School science coordinator

Will Rachmiel, Middle School and Prep School technology teacher

Damian Giorlando, Middle School and Prep School technology teacher


Section 7-4

Sara Moldofsky, Middle School science teacher

Caryn Duffy, Middle School history teacher

Caroline Boyle, Middle School core teacher and Grammar School teacher


Section 7-5

Nina Wolf, Grammar School and Middle School learning specialist

Claire Doyle, Middle School admissions director

Josh Bookin, Middle School math teacher


Section 7-6

Tyler Robson, Middle School math teacher

Jessica Merrick, Middle School and Prep School math coordinator

Katelyn Savage, Middle School physical education teacher