Winter Assembly Inspires The Holiday Spirit From Grammar School Community

This week, the entire Grammar School gathered in the North Gym for a very merry, music-filled Winter Assembly. Organized by Grammar School music coordinator Maria Jeffers, the Winter Assembly was a whole-division effort that took weeks to plan. “It is my labor of love,” Ms. Jeffers said. “We loved Moving Up Day, and wanted to replicate this feeling of the entire Grammar School celebrating each other,” Ms. Jeffers said, referring to the event when 4th grade students are honored at the end of the year as they prepare to move into the Middle School.

The Winter Assembly was filled with song. Several performances featured faculty members who sang “Marvelous Toy,” “Perhaps Love” and “We Are The World” with the students — while faculty sang the verses, students sang the choruses. Those songs were followed by Pre-K and Kindergartners singing “Love in Any Language,” and the Pre-K, K and 1st graders singing “It’s You,” an original song written and orchestrated by 1st grade classroom teacher Lorraine Foley. 

Next, in an instant classic rendition of the “12 Days of Christmas,” each Grammar School faculty department performed a different day: PE/Swim faculty sang “5 Golden Rings,” 4th grade teachers sang “12 Drummers Drumming,” and so on. Teachers and staff even brought costumes and props to illustrate their day!

The Winter Assembly ended with a series of sing-alongs. Grammar School administrative assistant Leah Marks wrote an original, CGPS-themed version of “Winter Wonderland,” which the entire division sang together. “Frosty the Snowman,” and “Rudolph the Rednosed Reindeer” were sung. For the Winter Assembly rendition of “Jingle Bells,” a brass quartet including 3 trumpets and a french horn, played by Assistant to Grammar School Director Friline Jourdain, kindergarten classroom teacher Kim Tolksdorf, Grammar School music teacher Tobias Gebb and Grammar School Director Sarah McLean, was accompanied by Ms. Marks on piano.

Below is a video of the Grammar School students performing a sing-along to a song written and performed on piano by Grammar School music teacher Misty Sturm! The song is titled "Kindness is a Language." To see more photos, visit Photos of the Week.