Rubber Band Duel Teaches a Valuable Lesson About Integers

Last week, 6th graders began their investigation into negative and positive integers. Middle School math teacher Joshua Bookin began by explaining the significance of absolute value -- the distance a number is from...


Frank Stella Inspires 6th Grade Mixed Media Art and Performance

CGPS’s arts integration programming is especially unique. Within the Middle School, art teacher Veronika Bromberg has helped develop cross-curricular teaching that is introducing students to new ways of appreciating...


Prep School Sustainability Efforts Have Momentum and Impact

The Prep School has been hard at work building a more sustainable community for themselves and the world beyond the School walls. Just ask Maggie Karlin, Prep School Environmental Coordinator, who oversees...


Prep School Debate Teams Begin Competition Season

The Prep School’s two debate teams displayed open-mindedness and critical thinking during their recent debate competitions, despite being...


5th Grade Met Field Trip Draws on Interdisciplinary Arts Integration Curriculum

Recently, CGPS 5th graders visited the Metropolitan Museum of Art in an enriching field trip that supplemented the work they are doing in their arts integration classes. The students were given private group tours...


7th Grade STEAM’s Boat Project Enters Its Second Stage: Creating 3D Models of their Boats

7th graders have begun the engineering and design process in their science and technology classes for their Boat Project — a major undertaking where the students build life-sized boats that their teachers will then...


6th Graders Research Famous STEAM Professionals

By Sara Moldofsky, Middle School science teacher

Last week, the 6th grade science classes presented their scientist...


CGPS Alumnus and J.P. Morgan VP Speaks to Business and Economics Club

On Monday, November 12, alumnus Doug Sonnenshein ‘01, a Vice President of wealth management at J.P. Morgan,...


Model UN Heads to UConn for Regional Conference

By Liza Tonetti, Model UN Club Co-Supervisor and Prep School history teacher

Over the weekend of November 2, the CGPS...


Prep School Badminton Tournament Declares Champions

Last week, the Prep School hosted a highly-anticipated tournament that had the entire division on the edge of their seats: the Doubles Badminton Championships.