5th Grade Met Field Trip Draws on Interdisciplinary Arts Integration Curriculum

Recently, CGPS 5th graders visited the Metropolitan Museum of Art in an enriching field trip that supplemented the work they are doing in their arts integration classes. The students were given private group tours...


7th Grade STEAM’s Boat Project Enters Its Second Stage: Creating 3D Models of their Boats

7th graders have begun the engineering and design process in their science and technology classes for their Boat Project — a major undertaking where the students build life-sized boats that their teachers will then...


6th Graders Research Famous STEAM Professionals

By Sara Moldofsky, Middle School science teacher

Last week, the 6th grade science classes presented their scientist...


CGPS Alumnus and J.P. Morgan VP Speaks to Business and Economics Club

On Monday, November 12, alumnus Doug Sonnenshein ‘01, a Vice President of wealth management at J.P. Morgan,...


Model UN Heads to UConn for Regional Conference

By Liza Tonetti, Model UN Club Co-Supervisor and Prep School history teacher

Over the weekend of November 2, the CGPS...


Prep School Badminton Tournament Declares Champions

Last week, the Prep School hosted a highly-anticipated tournament that had the entire division on the edge of their seats: the Doubles Badminton Championships.



Children’s Nonfiction Author Tanya Stone Urges MS Students to Write with Passion

Last Monday award-winning children’s nonfiction author Tanya Stone visited the Middle School library to discuss the importance of writing about what excites you and using that passion to effect...


Painting and Drawing Teaches Dynamic Fine Arts Skills and More

Last Tuesday Prep School students in Susan Cohen’s Painting and Drawing course began exploring issues of perspective and scale with the...


In the Prep School, Art Department Head Lynn Schulte Shares a Passion for Film and Video

When Lynn Schulte, the Department Head for Prep and Middle School Art, was growing up, she and her brother were obsessive movie buffs. Her love for storytelling on screen influenced her...


The CGPS Community Volunteers During Columbia Cares Day

On Sunday, November 11, the CGPS Community came together for Columbia Cares Day, a day of volunteerism organized by the Parents Association. With Thanksgiving right around the corner, students, faculty and parents...