Winter Assembly Inspires The Holiday Spirit From Grammar School Community

This week, the entire Grammar School gathered in the North Gym for a very merry, music-filled Winter Assembly. Organized by Grammar School music coordinator Maria Jeffers, the Winter Assembly was a whole-division...


Middle School Launches First Literary Magazine, Giving A Platform For Student Voices

The Middle School’s new online literary magazine, 3430, had its roots in the new creative writing module. A universal truth for...


Renowned Artist Joyce Kozloff Visits the Prep School

On Thursday, December 6, artist Joyce Kozloff spoke with Prep School ceramics, film and metalworking classes, as well as several art teachers from the Middle School, about her career trajectory and cartography-...


Theater, English and Latin Lessons Meet in Prep School Study of My Fair Lady

Last Thursday, the Prep School students in Prep and Middle School theater teacher Kary Haddad’s course History of the American Musical...


KB Students Run Kindness Workshop In the Winter Holiday Spirit

By Ana Brunson, Ashley Grossman and Amber Watkins, KB teachers

In December, our Dramatic Play area turns into...


No Dampened Spirits at 7th Grade Regatta, Plus Livestream of Launch

By Jon Olivera, Middle School STEAM coordinator

On Wednesday, December 12 the seventh graders launched their...


Genetics Elective Meets Guest Speaker in Genetic Counseling Field

By Patrice Buckley, Prep School science teacher

Recently, genetic counselor Anna Kolbuszewska came to speak to...


CGPS Middle School National Geographic Geography Bee Crowns Winner To Move to Further Rounds

Now in its fourth year, the Middle School Geography Bee or “GeoBee” gives students an opportunity to compete nationwide for prizes and recognition. The bee, sponsored by National Geographic, is open to students in...


Six Prep School Students Attend Conference on Diverse Leadership in Nashville, Tennessee

This month, six Prep School students attended the 25th annual NAIS Student Diversity Leadership Conference (SDLC) in Nashville, Tennessee. The conference, which is limited to 1,600 students nationwide and just six...


Prep School Winter Concert is Tuesday, December 18, 2018 at 6:30 p.m.

Tuesday, December 18th is the annual Prep School Winter Concert, featuring musicians and singers from across the Prep School, representing all grades. Ahead of the event, we asked Head of Prep School music...