2nd Graders Read Spanish Books to Reading Buddies

On Wednesday, Grammar School Spanish teacher Dana Cheriff and librarian Joanna Sondheim held a special Spanish Reading Buddies period with the second graders and their kindergarten reading buddies. To start, Ms. Cheriff and Ms. Sondheim read a bilingual book to the group before handing the reins over to CGPS’ talented group of second-grade Spanish speakers and storytellers. For the past month, they have been working on their own Spanish books as a culminating project, and they finally had the opportunity to share their work. During the rest of the period, each second grader read their book to their kindergarten reading buddies. “In the books, they wrote about the imaginary weather of each day of the week, what their character would wear and how the character feels. They wrote a few full sentences per page, practiced editing their stories for basic Spanish punctuation and illustrated their stories,” explained Ms. Cheriff, who organized this bilingual reading buddies session. Congratulations to Ms. Cheriff’s students on finishing their Spanish books!