5th Grade Portrays Greek Mythology in King Midas Play

This week, 19 student actors and 2 student crew members put on a fabulous performance of King Midas and the Golden Touch in the Underground Theater. All students were members of the 5th grade and displayed responsibility and maturity in how they trained for their debut. “I feel very proud of their performances, as well as their ability to handle so many lines,” the play director Nancy Puleo said. “They were given very adult directions and were truly able to follow through with most of what was asked of them. They understood the rhythm and flow of the performance very well, and were able to keep the play moving without any instruction.”


Middle School music teacher Ardith Collins also assisted with the play, as she instructed a couple of students as they performed live music to accompany the play. Grammar School science teacher Chris McLaughlin helped with the set and props, and trained one 5th grade crew member, Max R. ‘26 to work the entire light board himself!