5th Graders and Kindergartners Join Together in Song and Music

The halls are alive with the sound of music! The Middle School and Grammar School were in harmony recently during a 5th grade and kindergarten music share. Middle School music teacher Madeline Franklin and Grammar School music teacher Annie Ragsdale joined forces in the Underground Theater for some music and song. The 5th graders shared an ensemble piece they have been working on, and the Grammar School students sang songs about growing up and becoming bigger kids. Then, the 5th graders and kindergartners sang a song together about making an impact on the world.


“My 5th graders were very excited to learn how to sing and play together as an ensemble and wanted to perform for younger students,” Ms. Franklin said.  The idea to perform for the kindergarten arose after a visit to Ms. Ragsdale’s class. “I heard Ms. Ragsdale singing the song ‘What Can One Little Person Do’ with her students, and thought it’d be a great idea to sing the song together.”


Bringing the different grades together in the same space also gave the students to bond in a meaningful way. “The 5th graders love having the opportunity to be role models for the younger students,” Ms. Franklin said. Ms. Ragsdale and Ms. Franklin have plans to collaborate further, with hopes of creating a lesson where the 5th graders teach the kindergartners a new song.