6th Grade History Students Visit the Met, Develop Models of Everyday Life in Ancient Egypt

Last week, Middle School history teacher Marc Peters took his 6th grade students to the Metropolitan Museum of Art for a visit to the Egyptian Wing. The visit is part of their studies of Ancient Egypt, and serves to help the students’ work on their final projects — a recreation of everyday life in Egypt. Students have been assigned one of the following subjects: women, children, jobs, warfare and homes.


“The time periods include the Old, Middle and New Kingdoms, roughly from 3000 BCE to 300 BCE. Students will be building dioramas depicting their assigned theme and are tasked with incorporating models of landscapes, buildings and people from that time period,” Mr. Peters said.


The Middle School art department has generously donated modeling clay and other building materials to the students to assist in their recreations. Middle School art teacher Veronika Bromberg will be visiting Mr. Peters’ history classes to offer artistic guidance to the students on their projects.