6th Grade Technology Class Gets Right to the Nuts and Bolts

Each year, William Rachmiel's 6th-grade technology class learns to use technology in an efficient, positive and valuable way to enhance their academic and personal goals.

At the same time, his students learn what makes computers and other devices work. They disassemble computers, tablets, phones, cameras and more to see the individual parts, learn what they do and observe the similarities: for instance, all computers have CPUs, motherboards and memory. "Most of us use computers and technology every day with no idea of what's going on under the hood. This exercise demystifies these machines, allows students to be more comfortable with them and perhaps even troubleshoot them, which is one of the goals of the curriculum," said Mr. Rachmiel.

There are always a few students who would like to build their own computers. Mr. Rachmiel guides them through the process but encourages them to do most of the work themselves.