7th Grade’s “Pillow Project” is Anything But a Snooze

It was nap time for 7th graders in Susan Cohen’s Painting and Drawing class — they finally got to rest their heads on their newly-created pillows following the completion of their “Pillow Project.” To begin this six-class-long project, Ms. Cohen introduced the work of artists such as Art Deco designer William Morris and painter Charles Burchfield, who are known for incorporating nature in their designs. They also examined images of Japanese fabric design and complex, recurring patterns in nature itself. Then, the students set out to create pillows with artwork inspired by nature. “Students drew a flower, transferred their design onto a linoleum block, carved the linoleum and then printed the block as a repeat pattern onto fabric,” explained Ms. Cohen. Once that process was complete, the students sew the fabric and happily tested out their finished pillows! “I like this project because it incorporates so many skills — drawing and printmaking as well as sewing, which is practical as well as being good for developing fine motor skills,” stated Ms. Cohen. “Students seem to enjoy developing skills in order to make something pleasing and real.”