8-9 Grade Musical All Shook Up Premieres Next Week!

“It’s 1955 -- and into a square little town in a square little state rides a guitar-playing young man who changes everything and everyone he meets in this hip-swiveling, lip-curling musical fantasy that’ll have you jumpin’ out of your blue suede shoes with such classics as ‘Heartbreak Hotel,’ ‘Jailhouse Rock,’ and ‘Don’t Be Cruel.’” That’s the premise of this winter’s 8-9 Musical, All Shook Up. Inspired by and featuring the songs of Elvis Presley, All Shook Up will take you out of New York City and back in time to the story of a man who changed music forever. 

This year, there are a dozen 8th and 9th graders in the cast supported by another dozen 10-12th graders in the production crew. As for the 10-12 grade musical, Drew Nellessen -- a choreographer and broadway actor currently in the cast of Chicago -- is choreographing All Shook Up. Prep School theater teachers Jason Maracani and Olivia Salzano are the tech director and costume designer, respectively. 

Kary Haddad, Middle and Prep School music teacher, is directing. All Shook Up marks Dr. Haddad's 11th show for 8th and 9th grade students at CGPS. “These shows are a great opportunity for our talented students to be featured in their own production, without competition with older students for featured roles,” Dr. Haddad explained. “Meanwhile, offstage, this production is a great opportunity for 10-12th grade students to join the production crew and take on real leadership roles.”

Save the date! All Shook Up is going to be a sure-fire hit at the CGPS theater, bringing the whole Prep School together and putting 8th and 9th grade theater students in the spotlight. 

Performance dates:

Tuesday, December 11 at 7:00 p.m.

Wednesday, December 12 at 4:00 p.m.