8 Students Earn Top Marks on the 2019 National Latin Exam

By Scott Wilson, Middle and Prep School Latin teacher
On March 14th, 15 students in Latin III, IV, V, and AP Latin took the annual National Latin Exam. The test, which is sponsored by the American Classical League and was administered to over 149,000 Latin students around the world, features 40 multiple choice questions about Latin grammar, vocabulary, reading comprehension, Roman history, and Roman culture.
This year, 8 students--one on the Level III exam, four on the Level IV exam, and three on the Levels V-VI exam--received award recognition for their outstanding scores on the test. 
On the Level III exam, Anthony R. '21 earned a Magna Cum Laude certificate.
On the Level IV exam, Jordan B. '22 and Kurt F. '20 earned Gold Summa Cum Laude medals, and Emily G. '20 and Jack W. '20 earned Cum Laude certificates.
On the Levels V-VI exam, Gordon H. '19 earned a Silver Maxima Cum Laude medal, Kyra C. '19 earned a Magna Cum Laude certificate, and Shiva Kuma I. '19 received a Cum Laude certificate.
Congratulations to all of these outstanding Latin scholars!