And They’re Off! During Swim Time Trials, a Riveting Race

This week, both the 1-3 grade swim team and the 4-6 grade swim team competed in time trials, yielding personal best times in all grades. In the 4-6 time trials, a riveting relay had the crowd on the edge of their seats. 

“The most exciting event was the freestyle relay — the last event of the time trials. Both the two 4th grade relays and the 5th/6th grade relay all raced together. Though the oldest kids came in first at 1.49.22, the 4th grade A relay was just tenths of a second away at 1.50.46!” Martha Margetis, Grammar School Learning Resource Specialist said. 

Mark your calendars: the end of year time trial for grades 1-6 is on June 3, followed by the end of year trophies and party.