CGPS Green Breakfast Sources Local Food For Healthy Morning Meal

Recently, the Grammar School cafeteria hosted the annual Green Breakfast, an opportunity for the whole school to get together to support local foods. Aligned with the mission of the Grammar School farmer’s market, the Green Breakfast food options were made entirely of either local or regional food. “Local food means it is seasonal, fresh, healthy and sustainable food. The average piece of produce in our country travels 1,500 miles, while local food may only travel 150 miles (or less) from the farm to the consumer,” Grammar School science teacher Stephanie Avena explained. “By reducing our food miles, we are doing our part to minimize the production of carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas.”


The Green Breakfast not only reduces carbon emissions by choosing locally sourced food, but also gives families and students to learn about local farmers, growers and bakers and to learn a bit about their backstory. With cards that offered biographies of the growers next to each food, each food option was not only delicious, but informative and personalized.


The students also ran an LED light bulb sale, the proceeds for which went towards funding the production of the Grammar School farmer’s market with the dual goal of fostering a more sustainable mindset in the CGPS community.