CGPS Makes it to the Sixth Round in the New York State Mock Trial Competition

Last week, CGPS competed in the sixth round of the New York State Mock Trial Competition — the furthest the team has ever gone in CGPS history. In this last round, CGPS was the plaintiff in the case. The burden of proof was on CGPS — the students had to prove that their client was entitled to take over his late great aunt’s apartment. CGPS had to prove the Department of Housing and Preservation Development acted in an arbitrary and capricious manner. “When the burden of proof is on us, it’s always difficult to meet,” Middle School history teacher Bill Buckley explained. 

CGPS was not able to advance to the seventh (and penultimate) round, but was praised for their achievement and performance by a sitting New York State District Court Justice who oversaw the case. The score was close, with CGPS at 49 points and their competitors, Harry S. Truman High School, scoring 51.

“Virtually the entire team will be back next year and the experience that we gained in the competition this year will serve us well. When we meet in the fall, we will work to improve on some things that we could have done better, with the ultimate goal of winning the City Championship,” Mr. Buckley said. CGPS came within 2 points of making it to the final 8 teams of the 82 that entered in the beginning of the competition.

Congratulations, CGPS Mock Trial team!