CGPS Staff Member Isaac Capers Retiring After 50 Years

Isaac Capers, a valued and dedicated member of the CGPS community, is retiring after over 50 years. We are all very grateful for his diligent service as a member of the maintenance team. “As long as I have been here, Isaac has been here. Through rainstorms, snow storms, opening the School every morning, cleaning the front sidewalks of the buildings, attending to early morning deliveries and doing general maintenance, he has been the best and will be sorely missed,” said GS swim teacher Jim Spellman, who has been with the School for 40 years. Melissa Karter, a Grammar School language arts teacher, mirrored Mr. Spellman’s thoughts, commenting, “Isaac was the first person I saw when I came in early, the last person when I left late and he always smiled and said, ‘Hello, dear.’’’ To Isaac, his fellow maintenance staff members Saki Hristidis, John Tyburczy, Matt Rapa, Henyrk Skoczylas, Carlos Roman, Altoveli Velez, Jose Reyes, Jimmy Bentevis and Mitch Mikrut have the following to say: “We will all miss you. Get some well-deserved rest.” Grammar School receptionist Jacqueline Mangual feels the same way: “I will miss you, Isaac. Best wishes." Like with many others, Isaac left a lasting impression on Geoffrey Hinds, Director of Security. Mr. Hinds told The Weekly, “I've known Isaac since I got here 18 years ago. It was only recently that I found out he'd been here for over 50 — imagine my shock! Isaac is like a watch that's set once and ticks reliably ever after. He is also a genuinely nice human being. I, for one, will miss his calming presence.” The Weekly thanks Isaac for all he has done for CGPS over the years and wishes him an enjoyable and relaxing retirement.