E-Waste Disposal Event Is a Huge Success

In April, Maggie Karlin, Prep School science teacher and environmental coordinator and environmentally-conscious Prep School students held CGPS’ first annual community-wide electronic waste disposal event. In 2015, NYC established a law making it illegal to throw away electronic waste, so Ms. Karlin and her students created this event to facilitate and encourage proper e-waste disposal. With the help of 4THBIN, an e-waste management company, they gave the CGPS community the opportunity to legally dispose of their old computers, phones, wires, stereos, printers, batteries, monitors, ink cartridges and more. After people dropped off their e-waste, 4THBIN took the items to their recycling center in Queens. Ultimately, the event proved to be a phenomenal success — 50 people came by, resulting in Ms. Karlin and her students filling up over half of 4THBIN’s 20’ truck with 121 electronic items, 352 fluorescent lightbulbs, 60 pounds of batteries and a few boxes of stray wires and chargers. “The community members were extremely grateful, and the Environmental Club and 4THBIN are already asking about making this an annual event,” Ms. Karlin said.