Faculty Art Show Displays The Diverse Artistic Talents of CGPS Faculty

The Prep School Spring Arts Festival is in full swing. Including an expansive art showcase, the spring concert and the Prep School dance concert -- CGPS is already brimming with displays of artistic talent that will make appearances in all departments throughout the Spring.


Most recently, Prep School art department head Lynn Schulte organized the Faculty Art Show -- an opportunity for faculty and staff to showcase their artwork on the walls of the Prep School for the CGPS community to enjoy. The Prep School art department has been running the Faculty Art Show for the last 10 years, and proceeds the Senior Art Show, which takes over the Prep School’s third floor on April 25. Following the senior showcase, a larger, more comprehensive Student Art Exhibition, which will showcase the works of Prep School students in grades 8-12, makes its debut in the Prep School lobby on May 1.


“We feel it is meaningful that our community understands that many of our teachers have talents and interests outside of their teaching lives, just as our students have interests and talents beyond their academic lives. It is important to share and celebrate that with our community,” Ms. Schulte explained.


To see photos of the Faculty artworks that were on display, see Photos of the Week!