Graduating Seniors Visit Their Former Kindergarten Class

Last week, three future engineers set to graduate on Thursday — Zachary B., Ameen D. and Roxanne J. — came by the Grammar School to visit Denise Roeder, their former kindergarten teacher, and her class. In addition to participating in fun and engaging activities with Ms. Roeder’s students, Zachary, Ameen and Roxanne shared with them how her class helped inspire their interest in engineering thirteen years ago. Ms. Roeder, who has been working at CGPS for 25 years, is particularly fond of moments like these. “When the students come back to tell me that they remember the rewarding experience in KA and how it made a difference in their lives and academic choices, for me, it is a feeling of the journey here at CGPS coming full circle,” she commented. The visit was equally touching for Ameen: “After 13 years, it was really nice to come back and visit my first-ever class at CGPS. I had so much fun talking to Ms. Roeder and the kindergartners and building with the wooden blocks. It reminded me of when I used to do the exact same thing back in KA.” For Zachary, Ameen, Roxanne and the rest of her former students soon to begin the next chapter in their lives, Ms. Roeder offers the following piece of advice: “Never stop having the vision of possibilities, be true to yourself, be present and be grateful for each part of the road ahead.”