KCers Visit Alley Pond Environmental Center

On Friday, Jordi Fallon, Rachel Zeiger and Juliana Gluck’s KC class went to the Alley Pond Environmental Center for a program called Beautiful Butterflies to supplement their in-class studies on the insect. “As a class, we watched the life cycle of a butterfly firsthand. Each child observed their own live caterpillar turn into a chrysalis and then after about two weeks into a butterfly. Once they had completed their metamorphosis, we released them in Central Park,” explained Ms. Fallon. On their trip to the Alley Pond Environmental Center, the KCers had the opportunity to learn even more about the insect’s body parts, how it uses camouflage to elude predators and more. Ms. Fallon found the trip to be particularly informative for her kindergarteners as they continue to study butterflies: “We always like to refer to the ‘butterfly experts’ at the Alley Pond Environmental Center to reinforce the information we have taught and teach the kids new information as well.”