Math and Current Issues Teach 6th Graders a New Way to Conduct Research

Recently, Middle School math department chair Jessica Merrick and Middle School history teacher Audrey Shalom joined forces to lead a lesson for Ms. Shalom’s 6th grade CIRS class. The CIRS class — short for Current Issues Research and Surveys — has been working on long term research projects, studying public opinion on current issues. 

To compliment their research, Ms. Merrick discussed the importance of surveys and polls in gathering information about public opinion. Students then put that lesson to use, designing and conducting surveys on their chosen topics. For example, one student researched the death penalty by distributing a survey to 50 people. Students researching addiction created a survey to find out how many people knew someone who struggled with an addiction.

“The survey they create informs and supports their research. It provides more data to support the significance and relevance of certain current events,” Ms. Shalom explained. Other topics researched by the class included gay rights, sports injuries, migraines, allergies and ADHD.

Save the Date: The students are concluding their work with a research paper, which will be displayed and discussed on CIRS day, when students will present their research and any conclusions they drew from it. CIRS Day is on Wednesday, May 22, 2019 at 5:00 p.m. in the Prep School Gym.