Middle School Parent Morning: What Should a Rising Fifth Grader Expect?

Last Tuesday, 4th grade parents were invited to the Prep School theater for a presentation about Middle School life and what to expect for next year as their children move up into a new division. Presenters included some faculty members from the Middle School: assistant director Abigail Rojas, Middle School psychologist Dr. Tracey Murray, Middle School scheduler Sara Moldofsky, Middle School LRC teacher Nina Wolf and Middle School music teacher Dr. Kary Haddad.


First, Ms. Rojas outlined a typical day in the life of a fifth grader. Their days involve 9 periods, aligning with the schedule Prep School students follow each day.


Dr. Murray outlined some topics covered in the fifth grade that address students’ well-being and that facilitate their transition. From functional support such as goal-setting and skill-building, to discussion of stress management techniques, relationships, sexuality and mental health, a wide array of personal care and development skills are taught as soon as students enter the Middle School.


Dr. Haddad gave an overview of the music program in the Middle School, which includes a choice between band, chorus and orchestra, in addition to general music lessons.


Presenters also gave parents an overview of the entire Middle School faculty and their classroom locations, as the newly introduced fifth graders will be travelling all over the Middle School building’s seven floors.