In the Prep School, Art Department Head Lynn Schulte Shares a Passion for Film and Video

When Lynn Schulte, the Department Head for Prep and Middle School Art, was growing up, she and her brother were obsessive movie buffs. Her love for storytelling on screen influenced her to pursue a BFA in painting with a minor in film. She continued to take film courses in graduate school while at Teachers College, Columbia University. Afterwards, she pursued a career in arts education; her brother pursued filmmaking and currently works as a film editor. Ms. Schulte’s background speaks to her enduring appreciation for film as an artform. “I even find that my background in painting definitely influences how I look at the cinematography of a film or show,” Ms. Shulte explains. “I see film and video as a visual storytelling medium, and that is how I approach teaching it.”

In her Prep School class, the Art of Film & Video, Ms. Schulte works to develop students' appreciation of film. In her 9th grade introductory film course, students begin learning about film theory, analysis of cinematography, editing, story structure and strategic use of sound and direction in production. After the students have a strong foundational knowledge of film as art, they begin planning a short narrative video. The students collaborate to develop a storyline, shot list and character base. They then take turns in roles as videographer, director, editor and actor (in either a main or extra role). Finally, the students each make their own edit of the film using iMovie, which is presented and critiqued in class.  

“The courses are leveled so that as students advance, the techniques we discuss and practice become more complex and in-depth, particularly in terms of the writing, the use of sound and lighting, and the editing techniques,” Ms. Schulte explains. The Prep School course offerings are designed to give students increasing challenge in their film studies, developing skills to enter college-level courses with familiarity and a critical eye towards film. 

As she offers such a comprehensive overview of film and video to CGPS Prep School students, it begs the question: who are some of Ms. Schulte’s personal favorite cinematographers, directors and producers? Ms. Schulte is a big fan of the films of Alfred Hitchcock, Wes Anderson, and Pedro Almodovar. Her cinematographer short list includes Robbie Müller, Tak Fujimoto and Roger Deakins.“What I love is that I will never run out of films and shows that I enjoy either watching for the first time or revisiting,” she said.  

Stay tuned for the spring, when students will have the opportunity to present finished videos at the Student Art Show!