Prep School Honors Third Annual Equity Day With Resources, Booths and Guest Speaker Photographer Sebastian Meyer

By Prep School dean Victor Puccio

The Prep School celebrated its third annual Equity Day on Thursday, May 2. This year’s theme was displacement, and members of the student organizations Amnesty International, Creating Gender Equity, MECA, the Queer-Straight Alliance and World Issues Charities set up informational booths focusing on the local and global impact of human displacement from causes such as war and climate change to ethnic and religious persecution.  

Our keynote speaker, photojournalist Sebastian Meyer, spoke to the tenth grade and an open assembly about his work “Under Every Yard of Sky,” which tells the story of modern Iraqi Kurds. He also discussed his work co-founding Metography, the first Iraqi photo agency, which helps Iraqi photographers get their work to a global audience. “Mr. Meyer's photos sparked some visceral reactions in students, and his commentary added to the experience of understanding the situation of the Kurds in Iraq. Personally, I found his photographs beautiful and wrenching at the same time,” said Monica Markovits, Prep School assistant director.    

After the assemblies, he spent the rest of the afternoon in the art studios, where he showed a series of images from a photo essay that he produced in Manchester, England between 2004 and 2006.  He discussed the fine art aspects of his photographs, such as leading lines, vantage point, rule of thirds, depth of field and composition, as well as his careful approach to photographing people in public spaces. In addition, he talked about some technical aspects of videos he produced of soldiers stationed in Iraq. The students also asked him about his background and how he got started in photojournalism. Overall, it was a very engaging and informative presentation for all our art students who attended.

Mr Meyer’s photographs and stories have been published in the The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and The Washington Post, among other publications. He’s also made films for National Geographic, CNN, and HBO among others. You can view his work via the following link: