Prep School Sustainability Efforts Have Momentum and Impact

The Prep School has been hard at work building a more sustainable community for themselves and the world beyond the School walls. Just ask Maggie Karlin, Prep School Environmental Coordinator, who oversees programming that promotes more eco-friendly habits and actions throughout the division. 

Just last year, under Ms. Karlin’s consultation, the School opened up a more comprehensive recycling program to the students. “We already recycled e-waste, cartridges, toner tubes, paper, aluminum/plastic/glass, markers, textbooks, etc. But, as of last year, we extended the battery recycle, printer cartridge recycling, and marker recycling to the students, and so faculty could bring items from home,” Ms. Karlin said. 

CGPS’s sustainability efforts are vastly expanding this year. More signs promoting recycling and more bins have been added to the hallways. The Environmental Club is working on a public service announcement for morning announcements about sustainability efforts around the division. Ms. Karlin also leads donation projects in the spirit of “reduce, reuse and recycle,” including donations of used books. 

“Students learn by example. These initiatives expose the students to opportunities to minimize their footprint and impact on the environment,” Ms. Karlin says. “To be positive members of society and global citizens, they must enter the world with an understanding of how their actions impact local and global environments and communities.” While it’s only a few months into the school year, Ms. Karlin and the Prep School have done some serious good. The highlights include:

- Shipping 8 bins -- or 280 pounds -- of batteries to recycling centers, instead of letting them fill up landfills.

- Donating over 600 books for reuse, including donations that will be made by the English Department to Books through Bars and Housing Works in December. 

- Placing posters about recycling in the cafeteria and New York Department of Sanitation instructional stickers on all recycling bins. 

- Working on a video to promote sustainable efforts to Prep School students. 

- Implementing composting in the faculty room.

- Creating a faculty group dedicated to using reusable plates for lunch.