Three CGPS Math Teachers Compete in Masters Math Tournament

Recently, several CGPS faculty participated in the National Museum of Mathematics’ Annual Masters Tournament. Prep School math department chair Nathan Dummitt, Prep School math teacher Matthew Hoek and Prep School admissions director and math teacher Thomas Merrick represented CGPS as they competed in an iPad-hosted round of mathematical brain teasers. 

Mr. Merrick offered one of the most difficult questions, which challenged our representatives, given the meager one minute time constraint. The question read:

The MoMath Jellybean Factory has produced seven barrels of 2012 jellybeans each, with each barrel a different color. I dump the contents of all seven barrels into a vat and distribute the colors evenly; I then close my eyes and pick out jelly beans at random. Let X be the least number of jellybeans I must pick to ensure I have at least 12 beans of the same color. Find the remainder when X is divided by 12.

The CGPS math teachers powered through and fared relatively well amongst tough competition that included some of the brightest mathematical minds from various industries, including finance and business. “One of the things that the math department tries to instill in our students is the love of challenge. This was yet another opportunity for us to practice what we preach,” Mr. Merrick commented.